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Two from Holly Lisle

I keep meaning to get these posted but haven’t done it yet.

Holly Lisle, who has had a 30 year career in writing science fiction and fantasy, is running an event that she calls ‘A Year Of Winning At Writing’. What with the start of a New Year and people making resolutions and what not, a lot of people decide that is finally time to write that novel they always wanted to write. So they make a resolution and two weeks later they’ve put down maybe a hundred words on their story, and go back to doing whatever they did before they wanted to write the novel.

The goal of the Year Of Writing is to get you to commit to working on your writing, and joining in a community of like-minded folks to support you in your journey. You can find more details in the podcast episode for Alone In A Room With Invisible People:

AIARWIP: Episode 80: Workshop: Setting Writing Goals For The New Year

I’m going along with this so if you enroll you can see how I progress. After not getting as much work done on my writing as I would like, I figured this might be a good tactic to get me going again.

The second item is that Holly opened up her class, How To Write A Novel, for new students. The enrollment is open permanently, but she does have some limited time bonuses. If you register for the class before January 31, 2020 you can grab them. The following is from the e-mail she sent out on the subject:

The class opened at 10 AM Eastern Time today (Dec. 31, 2019).

It will now STAY open. Permanently. You will be able to join any time.

The price for folks during the launch will be EXACTLY the same as for folks who need to buy later, so there’s no additional obstacle of knowing you’re going to have to pay more, but not knowing how much more, if you wait.

As I do upgrades or add content, the price will go up, same as with my other classes. But I just finished the class, and I have a lot of other classes to upgrade before I get back to it… so there is no monetary pressure to buy now. The current price will last for a while.

BUT if you buy How to Write a Novel between today and 10 pm ET on January 31st, 2020, you will get the following menu of extra classes from which you can select your own bonuses. INCLUDING AN EXTRA COLUMN D.

If you buy HTWAN during the launch, copy and paste between these lines for your help desk ticket:



Create a Character Clinic

Create a Plot Clinic

How To Write Page-Turning Scenes

Create a Language Clinic

Create a Culture Clinic

Create a World Clinic


21 Ways To Get Yourself Writing

How To Find Your Writing Discipline

How To Motivate Yourself

How To Beat Writer’s Block


24-Hour Intensive: Find Your Writing Voice

How to Write Villains

How to Write Short Stories

How to Write Dialogue With Subtext

Title. Cover. Copy. Fiction Marketing Workshop


Matt Turano content edit –$197 (up to 100,000 words)
(HWC regular member price $997/max 100,000 words)
Only ONE discounted edit per writer.
NO money or manuscript scheduling for edits due at sign-up
​Just delete column D from your help desk ticket​


7-Day Crash Revision


As with real Chinese menus, there are no substitutions.

Your Column A choices will appear in your classroom on day one of your HTWAN class. (Or on the first Monday following the creation of your ticket, if you buy HTWAN late Friday or over the weekend).

Your Column B choice will appear in your classroom on day 30 of your HTWAN class.

Your Column C choice will appear in your classroom on day 60 of your HTWAN class.

Your Column D edit must be your class novel written using HTWAN.
You’ll verify the novel’s eligibility status for the deep discount by including the link to your artifact post in the forum posts that you can connect to content in your novel. Only ONE discounted edit per writer.

DESSERT, the 7-Day Crash Revision Class, will appear on day 90 of your HTWAN class.

Your novel must be your fully revised final draft (in the condition you would submit to a publisher) before you schedule it. It is impossible to do a content edit on raw first draft.

I offer three options to help you do a professional-quality novel revision:

There is no time limit on when you can submit your revision, but to get the discount, the class must be purchased during this Chinese Menu launch, and you’ll need to provide your HTWAN receipt (in screenshot or pdf format) to the help desk when scheduling your edit.

7-Day Crash Revision is generally intended for writers who have done revisions before, and who need to do one in a hurry to hit an editor’s deadline… but if you don’t have How to Revise Your Novel and have never completed a successful revision (with successful defined as “The book sold after you revised it, either to an editor or to enough readers to make you some money”), any of the three options above will help you. Only the big class goes into the detail needed by first novelists and writers who have never sold their fiction.


Since we have no way to add your Menu choices automatically, Becca and I will be in the help desk starting January 2nd to start manually adding the classes.

This means that if you buy during the launch, you’ll have to create a help desk ticket to let us know which extra classes you’ve chosen. Just copy and paste the menu above into your ticket, then delete the items you DON’T want.

These are not affiliate links and I don’t get anything for recommending them. I can say I have taken several of Holly’s classes (but not How To Write A Novel – yet) and found them quite useful. I’m posting here to just make folks aware of what’s out there.

Also, full disclosure: I am a moderator on Holly’s forums. So, if you sign up for the Year Of Winning At Writing or the How To Write A Novel class, and join her forums, I’ll be in there to help cheer you along on your path.

Hope to see you there.

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