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Being a writer, I love words. Especially new words.

I hang out on the forums at Holly’s Writing Classes, run by speculative fiction author Holly Lisle. I’m a moderator on her forums so I tend to be there a lot. We talk about writing and all sorts of things, and we play writer games. Yes, writers have odd little games that we play because writers. One such game we came up with is the Neologism Game. To play the game, someone posts a new word, one that they’ve made up. The next person posts the ‘definition’ of the word, and adds their own new word. Sort of our version of sniglets.

On December 16, 2019 someone posted the word ‘caliwandalous’. I swooped down upon that new-born word like an owl on a field rat and bestowed upon it the following definition – ‘an exclamation indicating the utmost levels of awesomeness that can be attained.’ To use it in a sentence – ‘These chocolate chip cookies are caliwandalous!’

I post this information here to enlighten the Internet at large and hopefully further the adoption and use of this word in everyday parlance. Also, because author Eileen Mueller wanted a definition that could be found on the Internet because she couldn’t find one after I used the word on one of her Facebook posts. Happy, Eileen? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Caliwandalous!”

    1. Hey, getting it in print somewhere would be awesome! Then it will start spreading. Today, in print, tomorrow … in the Oxford English Dictionary!

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