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Stopping by a little out of the way Greek place

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We were driving across the state after some doctor appointments for my wife today. She had looked up a little restaurant in one of the towns we’d be driving through. Had to use the GPS to be able to find it.

When we got there, it didn’t look like much, your typical out of the way, little hole in the wall place that only the locals know about. There were plenty of cars around and they had a very large parking area, including some across the street. It was late afternoon so we probably missed the lunch rush.

We went in and ordered. My wife got a side salad and gyro meat. I got a chicken souvlaki sandwich and fries. The meal came quickly and we dug in.

The food was excellent. My wife said the gyro meat was the best she ever had and she’d defend it with her life. She wasn’t fooling either because the cutlery came out and was brandished in menacing fashion when I tried to get a small bite to taste. She did relent and give me a small bite and I admit it was pretty good.

My chicken souvlaki sandwich was pretty good too – chicken, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce in a pita style wrap, and plenty of fries.

To finish things off I ordered a piece of coke cake. This thing is death by chocolate – two chocolate cakes sitting on top of each other, with chocolate mousse between them, covered in chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. I had to box mine up to bring home. I haven’t had it yet, because of other things I’ve eaten today are driving my blood sugar up, but I look forward to being able to eat it tomorrow.

Take a look around your local town. There are probably several little out of the way places you’ve always wanted to try, but you’ve never gone to them. Why not get out and about this weekend and try one of them? You may find a new favorite restaurant.

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