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Taking a break with Breaker

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My neighbors are an older couple. Their son was moving houses and dropped off his dog to stay with them for a few weeks.

Breaker, the dog, is a black lab. My neighbor is an elderly lady. She was out trying to walk Breaker and not doing well at the task. Breaker has a lot of pull to him and was dragging her around. I walk my dogs every morning so I offered to take Breaker out on a daily walk. My neighbor agreed.

For about a week and a half I got up and went over to their house, put Breaker on his leash, and walked him up and down the hill. He got to the point where he knew I was coming up the driveway and would bark his greetings through the door. He walked well, not pulling too much, and wagging his tail the entire time.

My neighbor said Breaker’s spirits were raised each morning after I finished walking him. I really enjoyed taking him out. We got along well, and he loved sniffing everything. Reading the pee-mail as I call it. Of course, he had to leave a few replies.

My neighbors thanked me for taking Breaker on his walks. I told them repeatedly that thanks weren’t necessary, that I was happy to do it. She made me a batch of brownies. They were not necessary but definitely appreciated.

A few days after their son picked up Breaker and took him back home, my neighbor showed up with a gift basket. Again, I told her that it wasn’t necessary but she insisted I take it. That was very thoughtful and considerate of her.

And inside the basket, among other things, was a container of chocolate chip cookies. Bonus!

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