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Oktoberfest and Comic Cons

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Busy day today.

A local bakery had their jalapeno cheese bagels available for sale today, and my wife loves them. I’m rather fond of them too. So we were up and out the door early for that.

From there we went to the local Oktoberfest in Banner Elk, NC. Neither my wife or I are drinkers so it wasn’t so much about listening to drinking songs and throwing back a few cold ones. It was more about my wife getting to shop at all the vendor booths. She managed to find a few Christmas presents for the family (but don’t tell them!)

From there it was off to the Boone Comic-Con where it was my turn to go shopping. I was there more just to drink in the environment and be around like-minded folks. I did browse among the dealer tables but didn’t find anything that screamed out to me.

I did have an alternate goal though. My wife is looking for an illustrator for a children’s book she wrote. She has a specific style of image she wants so finding someone who can do it has been tricky. I may have found one or two potential candidates. I also found an artist who might be able to do some book covers for me.

We went out to eat after that and had a nice lunch of chicken and cashew nuts, fried rice, egg drop soup, and egg rolls.

Overall, a good day.

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