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New canine haute couture headwear

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I was working on my laptop the other morning, trying to get a piece of code to stop throwing an error message at me.

I was vaguely aware that my dog Sirocco was playing with something in the other room. It sounded like a plastic container of some type. My wife sets the used butter tubs on the floor and lets the dogs lick them clean. I figured it was something along those lines.

I finally made some headway and got my code to stop throwing the previous error at me and start throwing an all-new error at me. In programming circles, we call that progress.

Sirocco was in the other room, really going after whatever he was playing with. I could hear the plastic container scraping across the floor as he chased it around.

I have something I want to try in my code to get the new error message to go bye bye, after which I vowed to get up, go in the other room, and take whatever thing Sirocco is playing with away from him before he starts chewing it apart.

I worked on the code and was just getting ready to test it out when I hear the sound of little dog toenails clicking against the floor, headed towards me. I figured Sirocco had gotten bored playing with whatever it was and was coming to me for attention.

Something bumped against my leg and I looked down to see a long plastic container bouncing around in the air. The container held small peanut butter filled pretzel snacks. Or at least it had held them. Now the container was empty, and Sirocco was wearing it on his head. He’d stuck his head inside the container, trying to get the last few snacks that were in it, and managed to get it stuck on his head.

I reached down and tried to pull it directly off his head but it wouldn’t budge. I ended up having to twist it off his head. He ran off as soon as I got his head free, whether because he was upset or just bored with the ‘head in a cylinder’ game and was off to do something new, I couldn’t tell you.

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