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The wonders of modern technology … not!

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My wife has an adversarial relationship with technology, especially mobile phones. Especially smartphones. Particularly, my smartphone.

Let me back up a minute. My wife has an old style flip phone. You know, one of the ones that looks like a communicator from Star Trek: The Original Series. She can use it to make phone calls. She can get text messages on it, but she doesn’t text back. You have to laboriously press a number key on the phone, then use the main button to select the letter you want to use. No predictive text like you have on a smartphone.

Of those times my wife has borrowed my smartphone to make a call, she somehow launches apps and has them running by the time she returns the phone to me. Once she had opened the settings panel and changed the setting on my phone. I don’t know how she does this.

Well, it turns out the other day after charging her phone she tried to turn it on. Nothing happened, other than getting a blank white screen. That’s not normal. Usually it does the whole boot sequence thing like it is supposed to, with the company logo and startup screen and musical tones. This time, nada.

We took it to her service provider and they couldn’t do anything with the phone. They got her a replacement (another flip phone) and transferred the sim card. Now she has a phone that works but none of her contacts were on the sim card. The tech said they couldn’t do anything to get the contacts off the old phone, and directed us to a nearby repair shop.

Drove to the shop. When I went in to talk to the repair guy, he looked at her old phone and said they couldn’t help. They don’t deal with old flip phones anymore. The tech is too old.

Now I get the task of trying to transfer the contacts from my phone to her phone. I have most, but not all, of her contacts on my phone. I think I can transfer them via Bluetooth, or at least I hope I can. The alternative is to use the laborious keypad and enter them in one by one by hand. That is more fun than anyone ought to be legally allowed to have.

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