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Babies are our redemption

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In contrast to what I said yesterday about children I am of a different frame of mind when it comes to babies. Let me explain.

Babies are quite literal blank slates. They come into the world with no biases, no agendas (other than the basics of survival), and everything is new to them.

Babies find everything fascinating. They are little learning machines that take in every input and start processing it. Just watch them as they explore the world. You’d think that after hundreds of thousands of years we’d have figured out how to raise them, giving them all the best teaching, and care, to grow up into awesome adults that are capable of great things.

They have so much potential. They could become, quite literally, anything they want to be. Instead, we stomp all over their desires and eagerness to learn, until they conform to what society expects them to be, not what they could be.

Ultimately, babies are a chance we’ll finally get it right. They’re a chance we’ll finally learn to get along with each other, that we’ll start treating each other with kindness and respect, and we’ll move into a new age where the human race as a whole can finally start advancing.

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