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Hallowe’en 2023 Wrap-up Report

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Your blog author in his knight outfit

Yours knightly. Photo by D. Jeanette McSherry-Husum

Overall things went well for Hallowe’en 2023.

We were out running errands and got back a little later than I wanted. Had to get changed into my knight’s outfit while making dinner. Consequently got a bit of food on my tunic but it was easily covered up.

Didn’t quite make it out in time for the first group of trick-or-treaters, but did get candy distributed. Then got set up with my chair, the bowl of candy, and my staff. Then it was a matter of sitting and waiting for unsuspecting victims candy panhandlers to coming up the sidewalk.

I can say that knights apparently aren’t as scary as The Shadow. Most kids didn’t get it when I just sat there and didn’t move when they came up to get candy. Even though there was a big bowl of candy next to me, and a sign saying to take a piece, they didn’t quite get it. A lot of them thought I was a statue, some questioned if I was a statue or a real guy, and some just knew I wasn’t a statue to begin with.

In order to try and put a scare in them, I’d wait a few moments, then move, point to the candy bowl and say ‘Take a piece of candy over there.’ I kept track during the night. Maybe 5 percent of the kids jumped when I moved. On the other hand, 90% of the parents jumped when I moved. One lady said ‘Oh shitake’ (minus the -ake) and then fussed at me for making her say that in front of her kids.

Two girls couldn’t quite figure out if I was real or not and it took them a few minutes to decide on approaching. I kept very still during the process. They finally approached and I moved and they screamed. The one girl said ‘You just became a wizard in our D&D game, you shouldn’t be scared.’ We then got into a short discussion about their game. I told her knights and wizards complement each other in an adventuring group and she agreed and admitted she wasn’t scared.

There were a few good costumes but nothing really spectacular this year. I did get one comment of note though. ONe kid came up and got candy then looked at me and said ‘You got good candy!’ Made my night. Another guy asked me how I sit so still and not get bored. I told him I’m very patient.

At the end of everything I came inside to change out of my outfit. I left the bowl of candy on the front porch. I figured if anyone wanted to take a handful I wasn’t going to object. The dogs went off, barking at someone on the porch while I was changing, so I figured someone was helping themselves to some of the last pieces of candy. I went outside to get the bowl and see if they had taken all the candy. Well, they did take all the candy, and they took the bowl too! That was uncalled for.

I hope everyone else had a more enjoyable evening. Looking forward to next year.

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