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Three styles of morning walks

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Every morning I take our three dogs for walks, individually. The oldest one doesn’t walk well with the two younger ones, and the younger ones are going in all directions at the same time so I can’t walk them together, at least not without getting all tangled up.

Houdini, our eldest, takes the longest. I think of him as the elder statesman of the neighborhood. He has to stop every few feet and sniff something. I think he is reading all the neighbors pee-mail, getting up-to-date information on the local politics of the neighborhood. Then he takes his time to make a reasoned response, and finally leaves a pee-mail reply. I’m just hoping he isn’t leaving a bunch of ‘me too!’ replies.

Major Tom, our middle dog, bolts out the gate and maintains a quick pace. He stops every five to ten yards and marks something. Everything on the street belongs to Major Tom. Apparently he has to keep reclaiming all his property. Maybe the ‘lease’ runs out and he has to renew it.

Sirocco, our youngest, takes two or three laps around the backyard before his walk. Then he has to loudly proclaim to the rest of the neighborhood that it is time for his walk. Once the gate opens, he bolts out, straining on the leash to go as fast as possible, while still dragging myself behind him. He bolts through his walk, stopping only at some point in the process for a potty break.

Houdini takes roughly twenty minutes to do his walk. Major Tom does the same course but does it in eight minutes. Sirocco has the fastest time, still the same course, clocking in at five minutes.

Then all three of them collapse for an early morning nap. Too bad I don’t get those.

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