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Resume Safe Speed

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While driving around the Blue Ridge Parkway and other areas of North Carolina we can admire the scenery and local wildlife. The landscapes are truly beautiful, and some of the views you can get of the mountains in the distance can take your breath away.

There are always interesting cloud formations as well. I can’t tell you a cumulus from a cumulonimbus but I know that they are always striking. If you’re like me, you can always find interesting patterns in the cloud formations. Look up sometime and let your imagination run wild as you stare at the clouds.

But then we go driving by signs that read

Resume Safe Speed

Am I missing something here? Was there some point back behind us that had a ‘Drive at Unsafe Speed’ sign? If so, I’m always missing it. There are some areas that have lower speed limits and they are well marked.

It’s not like I’m going to go speeding around the Blue Ridge Parkway anyway. On the whole, I’m not a fan of courting disaster by driving at crazy speeds where you can go over the edge of a cliff and die a horrible death.

I’m guessing this is just another sign of trying to keep people from doing things you’d think they’d have enough common sense to not do in the first place. As Robert Heinlein said ‘the problem with common sense is it’s not all that common.’

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