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Some religious questions

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Normally, I don’t discuss religion. I hold to the truth that there are four topics that are guaranteed to always start an argument – religion, politics, money, and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

Just so you understand my particular set of biases, I was raised Christian. But a recent sermon got me to thinking. The Pastor said that Jesus was fully human, and fully divine. That lead me to some questions.

Jesus was a carpenter. Did He ever hit his thumb with a hammer?

If He did hit his thumb with a hammer, what did He say?

Did He ever get sick? Did He get the common cold? A bit of botulism from eating bad fish?

Did He ever make mistakes, or make bad decisions based on not enough information?

Did He ever get stiffed on the bill after doing the carpentry work?

If any of these things happened, I’m sure He probably handled it better than the rest of us would have. But He had an advantage we don’t. He is part of the Divine Trinity that created the Universe, so He’s got a different perspective than we do. If we had that perspective, maybe this world would be a better place.

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