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Squirrels flaunting Sirocco’s authority with impunity!

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Our youngest dog, Sirocco, patrols our yard to make sure no squirrels come down from the trees and inhabit it. He is quite diligent in his self-appointed duty. Often when we open the door to let him into the backyard he bolts across the yard to the tree favored by the squirrels, just to make sure they haven’t crossed the line.

I was trying to do some work this afternoon when I heard Sirocco making a ruckus out in the backyard. This was more than his usual barking fits so I thought I’d best investigate.

I go outside and Sirocco is by the fence, trying his best to climb it. Atop the fence, right above the dog, is a squirrel, busily munching on a nut. He makes no sign that Sirocco is below him, trying to get to him and eat him. In short, he is flaunting Sirocco’s authority with impunity.

To quote from the movie The Big Lebowski, Sirocco’s attitude is clearly “This aggression will not stand!”

The squirrel doesn’t care one way or the other. It finishes off the nut, turns and runs along the fence away from our yard. He is probably tired of listening to Sirocco bark at him.

Sirocco barks for another 30 seconds or so, just for good measure, before trotting back inside the house and chugging from his water bowl, safe in the knowledge that he carried out his duties to the best of his ability.

Carry on, tiny furry yard guardian. Carry on.

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