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Fun with dentistry

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I had a dental appointment today. Exam and teeth cleaning. I think I finally understand why people don’t like going to the dentist.

This was my first appointment in a little over four years. After the obligatory x-rays, the dentist came in for my exam. Things are pretty good overall. I have a spot on my upper right side that he said needs to be filled. Also, he wants to fit me for a night guard because there are signs that I grind my teeth at night. I wouldn’t know about that part as I’m asleep at the time.

Then the hygienist came to clean my teeth. She was good, but very thorough. She went into the gums as she cleaned. Rather painful (understatement). She said that since I haven’t had a cleaning in four years that she had to go deeper than normal. She also said that the next time should be much better, if I take care of my teeth in the meantime. The experience is certainly incentive to keep up with my dental health.

I must say it isn’t the worst dental experience I ever had. That honor belongs to the time I had my wisdom teeth pulled. The dentist performing the surgery keep humming “Singing in the Rain”, which in itself is not so bad, that is until the dentist told me his all time favorite movie is A Clockwork Orange. Trying to explain to the dental hygienist who was aiding him why this was a Bad Thing(tm) while my mouth was numb was an interesting experience.

The biggest drawback is now I have a bunch of tooth grit in my mouth. Feels kind of like having a mouthful of sand. Hoping that cleaning my teeth and flossing before bed will clear that out.

Remember kids, brushing in small circles, not up and down, will keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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