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A correction to a statement from yesterday’s post

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In yesterday’s post, I made the assertion that a friend of mine is a philosophy major and a cynic.

He is a philosophy major, but he has sent a communique that he is not, in fact, a cynic.

The Cynic school of thought started in the 4th century BCE. The Cynics rejected the conventions of society, such as wealth, power and social status, which they felt lead to unhappiness and corruption. They tried to live in accordance with the natural world, living simply and rejecting unnecessary desires. They believed pursuing virtue would make them happy, and virtue could be achieved through reason and self-control. They behaved in erratic fashion in order to challenge social norms.

I’m sure I will be corrected if I got the above wrong, but I think that essentially sums up the Cynic view of life.

My friend has stated that he has many cynical views but ultimately he is of a much more optimistic frame of mind.

I stand corrected.

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