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12 Days of Christmas in AI generated images

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I was reading Ray Camden’s blog where he took the lines from the song The 12 Days of Christmas and fed them to various AI image generation programs.

Since I have a few credits on Night Cafe I thought I’d feed the lines in as prompts and see what they generated.

I entered each prompt as “A Christmas themed __“, filling in the blank with the line from the song. So I ended up with prompts like “A Christmas themed partridge in a pear tree.”

The first four images came out great. After that, things got a little … odd. If nothing else, I’ve determined AI is not good at counting above the number four. And it sometimes does strangest things like melding two different arms (see the Nine Ladies Dancing image) or giving a Santa three arms (see the Ten Lords A-leaping image.)

Without further ado, here are the images. Enjoy!

A partridge in a pear tree –

Two turtledoves –

Three French hens –

Four calling birds –

Five golden rings –

Six geese a-laying –

Seven swans a-swimming –

Eight maids a-milking –

I had trouble with the exact phrase ‘eight maids a-milking’. It was rejected the first two times I used it. I finally ended up using the phrase ‘eight maids milking a cow’ to get the image above.

Nine ladies dancing –

Ten Lords A-leaping –

Eleven pipers piping –

Twelve drummers drumming –

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