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A search and destroy mission for ….

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“But I have to have a matched set,” says my wife.

First off, let me say that I am not a design person, nor a fashion person, and I am absolutely the last person you want to ask whether this shirt goes with those pants or that pair of shoes. I personally see nothing wrong with Aquaman’s green and orange outfit but I’ve been told it is the worst, most ugliest costume in all comics history.

So, I’m helping my wife look for a small black earring box. She has a ring and a pendant that are the same design. The earrings match the ring and pendant, thus a matched set. The stone in all of them is green, which is really about all I know or care about the jewelry. Mainly, because I like the color green.

She says she hasn’t taken the earrings out of the black box, unlike the ring and pendant. We know where their black boxes are located.

I come across several other colored similar boxes but not the specific one we’re looking for. We go through a drawer of her other jewelry, looking for the box or the earrings. No luck.

I check under the bed, behind furniture, under a pile of clothes and shoes. I take a look in the living room on the off chance one of the dogs picked up the box to use as a chew toy. Still, no luck.

At this point, I think the best we can hope for is that my wife’s brain works out where she put the box down and feeds the location to her in a dream overnight.

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