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Mystery Of The Shredded Paper Bits

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So, a while back I mentioned my love of shredding paper in a paper shredder. I get to small stacks of the files as I have time and opportunity.

In between shredding sessions, I empty out the bin into garbage bags for disposal in the weekly trash pickup. It takes several bins to fill up a trash bag, so there is usually one sitting around, half-filled and waiting for another bin emptying.

Since I’ve been doing all this shredding, we’ve found little pieces of the shredded paper all over the house. One thought was that maybe some of the bits were being blown out of the garbage bag by the air currents from the HVAC system.

This evening I was making dinner and discovered the answer to the mystery of the shredded paper bits. As I was making dinner, I could see the half-full garbage bag of shredded paper sitting in the next room. Sirocco was busy watching me make dinner, hoping I would drop something he could gobble up. I looked down and told him there wasn’t any food for him and he needed to go somewhere else that wasn’t under my feet.

He seemed to let out an exasperated sigh, then turned around and walked into the next room, directly to the garbage bag of shredded paper. I thought he might go chew it up and scatter the paper bits everywhere. Instead he climbed on top of it, curled up and lay down.

When he got up to follow me into the other room while I ate dinner, I noted he had a few paper bits stuck to his fur. They fall off him in random spots around the house. Mystery solved.

Somehow I feel like I need a Scooby Doo ending line like ‘I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids and your dog!’

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