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Email list woes

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I’ve been using Mailerlite as my Email Service Provider for quite a while now, several years at least. On the whole I’ve been happy with them. Until now.

I’m currently on their free plan, because I have a small list (I like to think of it as intimate) and I don’t send lots of emails. Well, not until I started mailing daily but it still doesn’t add up to much.

About a year ago, they started pushing their new platform, built from the ground up, supposed to be better in every way. I started the process to sign up for an account on their new platform but at the time, they weren’t offering a free plan, or at least not that I could find. So, I abandoned the process and went back to using their ‘classic’ platform.

Well, now they are ending their ‘classic’ platform and forcing everyone to move to the new platform. Fair enough I suppose. And if the new platform is better, great. They’ve had plenty of time to find and debug all the issues with the early adopters.

This past weekend I went through the process to ‘upgrade’ to the new platform. Once the process has been started there is supposed to be a ‘migrate’ button to start moving over my subscribers (that’s you, dear reader), my automations (the stuff that happens when you signed up on my mailing list so you can get your free download) and my campaigns (the daily emails I’ve been sending to you.)

The problem is I don’t have a ‘migrate’ button under the new account I set up a year ago for their new platform. Nor can I get any support from Mailerlite because I’m on their ‘free’ plan. Support is only for people who are on paid plans. They say that there is a way to get support in the community forums but I’ve not yet been able to find anyway to get to them.

I have to have this all worked out by February 1, 2024. I’ll continue trying to resolve this issue but it may interrupt my daily mailings. I certainly hope I don’t have to migrate to an entirely new platform. That would be a pain in the backside.

I’ll keep you updated as things develop, dear reader.

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2 thoughts on “Email list woes”

  1. Can’t help you. Don’t have the slightest idea.Of course, it’s no skin off my nose, as I’m not on your mailing list. I generally try to avoid mailing lists. The last thing I want or need is to have crap pouring into my email box whether I want it or not (usually the latter). Getting on a mail list is sort of like broadcasting an open invitation saying “Please Spam Me!” People want this?
    No, I figure if it’s not worth the tiny bit of effort for me to remember to check out a blog / newsletter / whatever from time to time, then I really don’t need to be wasting my time with it. YMMV.

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