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Flash Fiction and Blog Hopping

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I’m a moderator on the Holly’s Writing Classes forum. The site is run by author Holly Lisle, who has written speculative fiction for 30+ years.

I tell you this because there is a long running tradition on the forum of running a quarterly Storytime Blog Hop. The idea is that all the participants write a flash fiction story. Then on the last Wednesday of the first month of each quarter of the year, everyone posts their story to their own blog. Each poster links to all the other stories of other participants. Then you, dear reader, can start on any participants blog and ‘hop’ among them, picking up new flash fiction tales to read. I’ve written stories for it a few times – A Day In The Life and The Space Ranger.

Everyone got busy during January and we missed doing the blog hop the first month of the quarter. So, we’re doing it this month. Coming up on Wednesday, February 28, we’re hosting another Storytime Blog Hop. I’ll be participating in this one and you can look forward to a new flash fiction tale from me then.

If you, dear reader, have ever wanted to try writing fiction, might I suggest you register for and take Holly’s free class, How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck. The class teaches you how to write a complete story in five hundred words. You get a lesson each week for three weeks. If you start now, you could have your own story to post for the blog hop.

In related flash fiction news, The Storytelling Collective is running Flash Fiction February where they challenge writers to write a flash fiction tale every day in February. Since this year is Leap Year they are not requiring that a flash fiction tale be written on February 29. If you really want to play the writing game on hard mode, take Holly’s class and do the Flash Fiction February challenge. 🙂

If you’d like to support my efforts, why not buy me a chocolate chip cookie through my Ko-Fi page?

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