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Streaming services – what the heck?

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I’m a fan of the original Quantum Leap. I got to see some of the second season and most of the third when it originally aired.

The basic premise is Dr. Sam Beckett invents a way to time travel within the span of his own lifetime. He ‘leaps’ into a person who needs help, fixes their problems, and then leaps out again and into someone else who needs help. He gets an assist from Al, a hologram of Sam’s friend from his own time, who acts as an interface to the advanced AI that keeps track of all the events in the timeline.

It’s clever and concentrates on the little things in history, the things that are important on a personal scale but not necessarily a historical scale. This sidesteps the whole ‘messing with the timeline’ issue.

Since I missed most of it when it originally aired, I’ve been watching it on The Roku Channel. I’ve gotten all the way to season 5, the last season, and made it to episode 5, when February 1 rolled around. At which point The Roku Channel pulled the series from their lineup.

This happens a lot. All of the different streaming services shuffle their content around, adding new programs and removing old ones. I’m not sure if it is a licensing thing or what. But this is the second time I’ve gotten started watching a series and the service I’m watching it on pulls it from their lineup.

I’ve got a fairly sizeable collection of things to watch on DVD and Blu-Ray, even after having to jettison half of my library. The nice thing about that is I can finish watching a series and not have to worry about it disappearing. I’ve paid for it, I own it, and I can watch it on my schedule.

What’s the benefit of paying money to subscribe to a streaming service if they only have the programs I want to watch some of the time? Wasn’t the big thrill of streaming services back in the day that you could watch what you wanted, when you wanted, and not have to go out and buy everything on DVD / Blu-ray? Or at the very least run out to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video to rent what you wanted to watch and then have to return it to the store before they charged you for another day’s rental?

I’m nearly at the point of telling the streaming services to shove it and go back to buying my stuff on physical media.

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