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Visiting my step-son’s grave

I stand next to my wife as she reads a letter she wrote to her deceased son as she sits at his graveside. He passed away a little over a year and a half ago. No parent should outlive their children.

She reads on, telling him about the trials and tribulations since he passed away. She breaks down as she gets towards the end.

I have no words of wisdom to impart for this situation. All I can do is stand there, and be with her as she grieves. It has to be enough.

We take the old flowers and leave new ones, and put the letter under the flower pot. I hope it will still be there the next time we visit.


1 thought on “Visiting my step-son’s grave”

  1. Ministry of Presence. You don’t have to say anything; it can be better if you don’t say anything. Just be there for the person in need.
    It can be one of the most effective forms of ministry there is.

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