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Death of a million cuts

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It’s the guy who cuts you off during your morning commute.

It’s the lady who rear ends you because she was paying more attention to her phone.

It’s the person who takes more than 15 items through the Express Check Out lane at the grocery. And then spends 10 minutes trying to dig the correct amount of change out of their pocket / purse.

It’s the person who steals your lunch from the employee refrigerator.

It’s the endless stream of robo spam calls. And emails.

It’s the phishing attacks and letters from Nigerian princes and fake calls from your ‘bank’.

It’s the guy that bumps into you because he isn’t paying attention to where he’s going, then blames you.

It’s the smart-mouthed little punk who calls you names because you won’t buy him beer.

It’s the fast food employee who can’t get your order right to save their life.

It’s the machine at the Post Office that mangles the most recent issue of your favorite magazine.

It’s the cancellation of your favorite TV program by some stupid suit who doesn’t get it.

It’s the last copy of the book you’re after that shows up in the store’s computer inventory but is nowhere to be found on the shelves.

It’s your boss telling you ‘you can’t leave until this code is working’ on a Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM.

It’s all the small paper cuts of Life, the minor annoyances that build up, and keep putting the pressure on you until you’re ready to give up, throw everything away and scream at the top of your lungs ‘Leave me the feck alone!’

This is why I try to do one small thing each day to make the world a better place. One small thing each day to make someone else’s life go smoother. To combat all the chaos beyond my control in hopes that the million little things that make the world a poorer place to live will resolve themselves and we can move on to solving the bigger problems.

One. Small. Thing.

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