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Trying to find the name of a 90’s Canadian TV series

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Any Canadians visiting my site? Or people who know a Canadian?

There was a Canadian TV show, at least I think it was a Canadian show, back in the 1990’s that aired on late night TV here in the States. I had a crappy, small, portable TV at the time and the station that aired the program did not tune in very well. I only got to see one or two very grainy episodes, but I was thinking about the show and wanted to look it up to see if it might be on a streaming service somewhere.

The show was a crimefighting show. The main character was a Judge, who after having a case go against the bad guy, was horribly burned in a fire. The Judge left his family and life behind and became a vigilante. I think he had several other people working with him as a sort of support crew. I think it might have been paired with another show, and episodes of each show alternated when it was on.

Does anyone out there remember this show and know the name of it? If so, leave a comment and let me know what it is.

Internet networking powers activate!

UPDATE: It looks like the program has been identified as Dark Justice. Thanks, folks!

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