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A Hole In The Fence

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We had to run some errands the other day. Just as we were leaving the dogs got all riled up. No idea why. As we were trying to get out the door, the dogs ran into the backyard. Normally we can get them go back inside, but this time they were jumping, barking, and trying to get out the gate. We were on a time table so instead of putting the dogs back in the house, and the weather was nice, so we decided they could stay in the backyard until we got home.

We returned home a few hours later. We expected the dogs would have calmed down by then, and they were a little calmer. As we came up the walk to the back gate, Sirocco’s head was sticking out from a hole in the bottom of the gate. The stinkers had chewed a hole in one of the planks.

I blocked the hole. Sirocco can almost squeeze through it, and Major Tom can get his head through easily. He’d have to chew it a bit more to get the rest of him out, but given the right motivation, he’d do it.

I’ll have to get out to the hardware store in the next day or so and get a replacement slat and get the fence fixed.

Crazy dogs.

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