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Happy Pi Day!

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Today is the day mathematicians and other people with an interest in math and science celebrate in grand style, for today is Pi Day!

Pi is one of the letters of the Greek alphabet. It is used to represent an irrational number, that is, it has a decimal and it doesn’t end and has no discernible repeating pattern. If you divide the number twenty-two (22) by the number seven (7) you get the approximate number for pi, or 3.14159 (plus an infinite number of numbers that don’t repeat any pattern that we’ve been able to detect.)

But why is this Pi Day? Because if you write out March 14 numerically, in month / day /year order, you get 3.14.2024, or leaving off the year, 3.14.

Thus, Pi Day.

If you’re curious about pi, you can get more information at the site dedicated to pi and the holiday at

And, yes, to celebrate I had a big slice of delicious apple pie.

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