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Leaving DISH Network Behind

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We changed banks recently and we had some accounts that were set to autopay withdrawing from the closed bank account.

Due to several factors we ended up missing last month’s DISH payment. When we went to get that straightened out we had to call them to get our service turned back on. That’s kind of a short amount of time to end up canceling the service after missing one payment.

While we were on the phone and trying to get that straightened out, we decided that we were going to just cancel the service. We use it mainly for the local channels (ABC, NBC, and CBS). Anything else we want to watch is usually on streaming.

The service rep we were talking to about the bill transferred us to a closing specialist. The new rep was there to handle the closing of our account. She was very nice, and very polite but boy, were they loathe to let us go. They kept offering us different packages, and waving fess, and lowering our monthly payment. Basically doing anything they could to entice us to keep going.

I get it. That is there income stream. Losing one customer is not really going to do much to their bottom line overall. I guess they figure that if one person leaves, they may tell others (or do something silly like talk about the experience on a blog.) Then others may leave the service too, and if enough of them leave, that does have a greater effect on their bottom line.

Ultimately, I should really be watching less TV anyway. For a long time I limited myself to one hour of TV a day. This was after decades of spending most of my time in front of the TV. I’ve gotten a little lax of the last few years, but I’m still better than my TV watching habits in my youth.

I am going to miss Young Sheldon and Ghosts though.

(Yes, I know I can get them on Paramount+)

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