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Tax time

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It’s that time of year again here in The States – tax time.

Every year, before April 15 we have to tally up our income and expenses and try to properly fill out all the tax forms to see if we owe money to the government or get money back.

Maybe I’m just getting too old for this, but I’m finding it trickier to get taxes done each year.

We went out to get our taxes done this morning, getting up at the crack of dawn so we could beat all the other folks going out to do the same. We got to the tax preparer before they opened and waited. At least I remembered to take a book along and got some reading done.

The tax preparer showed up and invited us in. We sat down, gave him a sheaf of papers and let him work through it all to fill in the forms.

Turns out I was missing a necessary piece of paper, as was the wife. We’ll have to go back after we get the necessary documentation and have an appointment set up for the return trip.

I’m thinking that this should be one of those problems that AI can solve once it gets so smart that it moves beyond us, like all the doomsayers say will happen. We can get it to solve the problem of how to keep the government running without having a tax so complicated that we’d need an AI to figure it all out.

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