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And the hits keep coming

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We were out and about today running errands.

I was getting the wife back to the car, in her wheelchair, when we hit a bump going down the incline to the parking lot off the sidewalk. The wheelchair stopped but the wife didn’t. She fell forward out of the chair and on to the sidewalk.

I can’t get her off the ground by myself, but not for lack of trying. I went inside the building we’d just left and a police officer was just on his way out the door. I asked him for assistance and he jumped into action.

Another lady stopped to help as well, as did another gentleman. The officer made sure Jeanette was OK before we tried getting her up. She was bruised and had hurt her knee, which oddly enough she had just gotten steroid injections in the previous day, so the knee was sore to begin with. Also she fell on her left hand, which is the hand with the broken pinky from the car accident a few weeks ago.

With the help of the officer and the good Samaritans we managed to get her off the ground, back into her wheelchair and into the car.

It’s nice to know there are still good people in the world willing to lend a hand.

We had some errands to finish so we stopped at a nearby grocery store and git a bag of frozen veggies to put on her knee. She’s able to get around again this evening, thankfully, but I suspect that the knee will give her trouble for several days.

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