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Out of the mouths of babes ….

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When I walk the dogs in the morning, the local children are on their way to the nearby school. They usually stop to pet the dogs and chat before continuing on their way.

One kid, who I call Hockey Kid, likes to stop and talk about, you guessed it, hockey. Everything about hockey – who the best teams are, who the best players are, how many points Hockey Kid made in his last game ….

Except this morning he wanted to talk about a completely different topic – World War II.

It seems the subject came up in history class, and he had gotten a book from the library on the batlle against Hitler and the Third Reich. He went on to tell me how the Nazis wanted to get rid of all the Jews and how anyone who didn’t match their standards was put to death. He also thought Hitler must have had an IQ of 10, and that the Nazis were nasty.

Then, in all earnestness he asks me the question “Were you on the side of the Americans or the side of the Nazis during the war?”

I was flabbergasted by his question but managed to keep a straight face. After a moment I answered in my most deadpan manner “I came down on the side of the Americans. Go Team USA!”

Out of the mouths of babes ….

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