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The coin rolling meditation

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I had a jar of coins sitting around, and some coin rollers (those little paper tubes that you put a roll of coins in) so I said to myself “Self, you should probably put those two things together.”

So I did.

I took the big jar of coins, dumped them out on the floor, and started sorting.

There’s something almost Zen about coin sorting. The simple act of separating the quarters from the dimes from the nickels from the pennies ….

It is quite calming, almost meditative.

I separated things out to the nearest dollar (in the case of quarters and dimes), fifty cents (for nickels) and 10 cents (for pennies). I stacked them in rows so I’d have enough for a single coin roll.

Then I’d stuff them into the coin rollers. I’d put my finger in the bottom of the tube, then slide each coin in one at a time. Each little shhh clink of the coin sliding into the tube and landing on the rest of the coins in the tube seemed to add to the sense of security? serenity? of the moment.

There were plenty more pennies than anything else. I know there was a movement a while back to try and remove the penny from the currency system. Everything would be rounded off to the nearest nickel. Obviously it didn’t come to pass (at least not as of the time I write this.) I’m wondering if this idea should be revisited and implemented.

Pennies just sort of accumulate and multiply. Since most people don’t worry about making exact change when making a purchase (thus using their pennies) that just pumps more pennies into customer hands because the store is trying to balance their tills at the end of the day. They give out exact change, thus pennies going to customers.

If you’re having a stressful day, and have a jar of change sitting around, try dumping it on the floor and sorting it. Forget whatever your stressing over and just focus on the task of sorting. See if you don’t feel calmer at the end of the task.

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