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My mailing list – down the rabbit hole

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Recently, I’ve pointed several interested parties to sign up on my mailing list so they can get my free stories. It was then that I found out that the form is not working.

I’m not sure if it is the switch to the newer version of MailerLite, or the switch to the new hosting company that caused the issue.

I did test the form after the move to the new version of Mailerlite so I know it was working then. I didn’t test after the move to the new hosting company, but I probably should have.

In addition, my site has recently updated to the latest version of WordPress, and the plugin for the mailing list sign up form also updated recently.

In short, something got fubared along the way. I’ll have to troubleshoot it and see what I can find out.

Until then, no new subscribers. 🙁

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