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Not quite 40 days and 40 nights but ….

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Last night before I went to sleep I received several weather alerts on my phone, warning about severe thunderstorms moving into the area over night.

Usually I wake up during thunderstorms because the noise wakes me, then I can’t get back to sleep. That didn’t happen so I’m guessing things weren’t too bad.

This morning, however, was a different matter. I was up early, so I took advantage and got the dogs out for their walks while it wasn’t raining. But not long after I finished walking them, the heavens opened up.

Torrential downpour is the term that comes to mind. I had to head out to pick up my step-daughter who was coming over to help with house stuff. It was raining lightly but just started getting heavier after I got in the car.

I made it two-thirds of the way to her house and had to turn around. The streets were beginning to flood. The water was as high as the bottom of the door of the car. I had to go slow so the car wouldn’t stall out, but I managed to turn around and head back to the house.

Things just went downhill from there. Along with the torrential rain came lightning and thunder, so I couldn’t get any work done. Having a computer on during a thunderstorm is not a Good Idea ™.

After I got home I did the dishes and loaded the dishwasher and started it. A few minutes later, the power went out.

At that point there was nothing left to do but take a short fifteen minute nap. Sirocco decided he had to come in during it to make sure I was still alive and get scritches. The wife was kind enough to usher him out of the room.

After getting up, the wife decided not to waste the time and we went to work with more sorting and moving things around in the house to try and clear some space to be able to move around more easily.

At one point the dogs kept going to the door like they wanted to go out. I’d open the door, they’d stick their noses out, then walk away. After this happened several times, Sirocco finally walked out, went to the grass, did his business, and calmly walked back in, all Joe Cool like. He didn’t seem concerned about the rain or the occasional bit of thunder. Of course, once he got in the house he did the ‘atomic shake’ and sprayed rain water everywhere. Stinker.

Another short nap and the rain lessened. It eventually stopped, which was a good thing as the streets around the house were looking a little swollen. The power came back on around 2:00 PM.

After a quick lunch, I was out the door, running errands for the wife that needed completing but couldn’t be done during the heavy rains.

Another busy day, full of activity, but I’m not sure much of it was productive. Here’s hoping tomorrow goes better.

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