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Death-defying road trip

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Having finished the visit with my step-daughter, we packed up to head back home. We wanted to stay a little longer, but heavy rains were expected in the area so we thought it best to get an early start.

I packed the luggage and other shtuff into the car and we headed out.

The first part of the trip wasn’t too bad. We had some light rains, but nothing too terrible. We made good time.

At about the halfway point, things got worse. The skies opened up and a torrential downpour fell upon us. Visibility dropped significantly so I could only see a few feet in front of the car. That was when there weren’t trucks going by and kicking sheets of water onto the windshield, which completely cut off seeing anything outside the car.

This was one of those trips when you kinda feel like God is being a smartass. We’d go through the deluge and then it would lighten up some. Still heavy rain but at least you had good visibility and control of the car. Then just as you think things are going well, and if things would stay as they are, you can make the rest of the trip with no problem. Then, wham! Another tempest hits and you’re back to crawling along hoping you aren’t missing something and going to smash into whatever you can’t see. This happened at least three times on the trip.

Fortunately, most of the trip I had good sight of the lines and reflectors on the road. This was the saving grace that helped keep me in my lane. Without them it would have been an extremely nerve-wracking trip.

We did stop a few times for potty breaks and to eat lunch, although we were almost home by the time we got to chow down.

Ultimately, we survived. Obviously since I’m writing this. Staying relaxed and keeping my mind focused on the driving and not the outside distractions also helped.

In all, I’m glad we made the trip, even if the drive home was difficult. It was good to see my step-daughter and the trip to the zoo was an added bonus. Unfortunately I lost my hat, the Shadow one my wife got me for Christmas. I called the hotel and the restaurant we ate at the night before and neither one had it. I’ll probably call the hotel again tomorrow and have them check again.

And now, it is time to sign off and go rest. I hope you’re doing well, dear reader.

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