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My 200th Daily Post

I started my current streak of daily posts back on September 28, 2023. I’ve been posting (mostly) daily every day since then, taking off Sundays.

I’ve missed a few days here and there, due to nasty weather or power outages (usually due to nasty weather.)

I’m kinda surprised at myself. I tend to start things and fizzle out after a while. I’ve managed to go this long and not quit. I’m planning to keep going for as long as I can. In fact, I’ve got an idea I’m mulling over that will keep me going on indefinitely. Still not sure if I’m ready to pull the trigger on that project just yet.

Thanks for sticking with me this long, dear reader. I hope you’ll continue to go on this journey with me.

And that brings up another topic, dear reader. What should I address you as? Calling you ‘dear reader’ is fine but I feel like a Victorian manners expert calling you that. I’m thinking I need something better, something cooler, something more fitting with the awesomeness that you are. (Hey, shameless flattery can’t hurt, can it?)

I was thinking of calling my audience at large ‘Husum’s Horde’, which would make y’all Hordelings. Or Horders. Or something. I’m open to suggestions.

Onwards to the next 200 posts!

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