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It was a dark and stormy day

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Tip o’ the hat to Edward Bulwer-Lytton for inspiring today’s subject line

Today was going along well, mostly, aside from the dog waking me up just after 4:00 AM. Had friends over to play some D&D. A nice, warm early summer day.

Right up until lunch. We went out to eat at Subway and while we were munching on our sandwiches, dark clouds started rolling in. Thunder rolled by after spikes of lightning crackled through the sky. A few heavy drops of rain were splattering the ground just as we left to get back to the house.

Right after we got back, a torrential downpour started. The wind picked up and started driving the rain sideways. Then the power went out.

We continued with our game, sitting in the dark, with the curtains open, watching the storm outside. One of our group had to leave early, which left the other two of us sitting around in the dark. Fortunately the rain stopped before our friend had to get on the road but we still had no power.

After a while we went out to forage for food, ending up getting burgers at a local restaurant. When we finally got back to he house, power had been restored.

So, we were without power (again) for about six hours today, due to (again) bad weather. I don’t care what the political numbskulls say, climate change is a real thing. Texas has been hit with a lot of devestating storms this year. We’ve had tornadoes in my local area. I’ve lived here for decades and we never had tornadoes. Hurricanes, yes, but no tornadoes.

Anyway, the storm passed, we survived, power is restored, and all is right with the world again.

Hope all is going right in your world, dear reader.

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