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Summer Of Fiction Writing 2024

I’ve mentioned before that author Holly Lisle runs the Summer of Fiction Writing on her forums for her Holly’s Writing Classes site. Members of the forums set an achievable goal for the summer, then work towards completing it. The forum offers a place for accountability and support in reaching your goal.

It has been a while since I’ve consistently done any writing. I’ve done stories here and there, but no writing streaks.

My last writing streak ended on October 12, 2021 after writing consistently for 481 days straight. I wrote a number of short stories in that time, a few of them I think are good enough to see the light of day. I need to go back and revisit those stories, maybe polish up a few and get them published. It’s about time I get back to writing. Consistently.

My goal for this year’s SOFW event is to finish off at least one flash fiction collection. I pulled five related tales from the flash fiction collection I give away when people sign up for my mailing list (which I still need to get working again). I want to write five more flash fictions to go with the previous five and publish it. This by itself should be easily doable over the next three months.

Then I’ve got an idea for several more flash stories based on tropes from the role-playing game arena. I’m thinking of bundling ten flash fiction tales around each trope and releasing them. This is a little more ambitious. I should be able to get at least one of these done in the next three months. If I get more than one done, I consider that lagniappe.

So, wish me luck. By the end of the summer you should have at least one new work of mine to read, and hopefully two (or more).

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