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The variety of local fauna

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We have lots of small furry critters living on the hill near our house.

There is a groundhog who runs scurrying into the drainage ditch whenever we drive by. My wife has christened him “Chunky”. As of late we’ve seen him running around with another groundhog who my wife has dubbed “Bride of Chunky”. And just the other day we saw two little groundhogs, who we are calling “Chunkettes”.

We have lots of rabbits running around as well. And we’ve seen a tiny baby bunny sitting along the side of the road. It appears fearless as it doesn’t move when the car goes by, it just sits there looking at us.

We have deer in the area too. They sometimes meander by.

There’s a chipmunk who scours the area for any food it can get to. He comes up on the porch when the birds get into the bird feeder and spill some of the seed onto the boards.

I have to say that all of them are just so gosh darned cute!

And we have fireflies. It’s always amazing to look into the night sky and see them flashing. What’s really amazing is watching the 4th of July fireworks in the background while the fireflies are flashing in the foreground.

It’s great getting up each day and seeing the diversity of life in the area.

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