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Dishonesty as a barrier to getting another dog

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The wife is once again trying to get another dog, despite my repeatedly telling her that we don’t need another dog.

She is speaking with a guy who has sheltie puppies available, and in particular a young female sheltie. He sent pictures of the puppy to my wife. I have to admit, she is a cute looking dog. But cute isn’t a good reason for getting a dog.

It seems that the guy has a sob story full of woes. I haven’t bothered getting the details because I don’t think that should enter into a business transaction. The upshot of the story is that he needs to sell the dog because reasons to make some money.

He wants to charge my wife $600 for the puppy. And we’d have to drive two hours to meet the guy’s wife to pick up the puppy. Sounds sketchy to me. But the wife assures me that we don’t have to pay for the puppy until we meet her and see if we want to get her.

The story changed a little as the day went on. The guy is a American Kennel Club (AKC) registered dog breeder (the wife didn’t ask about that before) and the sheltie didn’t sell from the last litter. She’s not a new puppy but several months old. She is supposed to be house-trained. And the guy wants $200 in escrow to get all the paperwork done before he can sell us the dog.

It all sounds a little odd to me. And it sounds odd to my wife so she is dubious about getting the dog. At least that’s something. We haven’t been able to determine if the guy is actually AKC registered. There are lots of scammers out there and I’d like to not get caught in one of their traps.

If we must get a dog I’d rather get one from a local shelter rather than pay for one from a breeder. There was one dog my wife fell in love with at the local shelter but he was adopted to another family before she could adopt him.

I stand firm though. We don’t need another dog. It seems that my wife is going to go ahead and do whatever she wants in this case no matter what I say.

If she does get the dog, she has to take care of it. She has to feed, water, and medicate the dog. She has to give it all the attention it needs. I’m not planning on having anything to do with the dog. I’ve already got three I have to take care and I don’t need the extra work of yet another dog.

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