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The mystery of the knocking noise

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“Do you hear that? What is that noise?” The wife asks me this as I’m trying to get some work done.

“What noise?” I reply.

“It sounds like someone is walking around upstairs.”

Since we are the only two people in the house I don’t see how it could be someone else. I relay this information to the wife.

She drops the conversation as goes back to watching TV. Not much later she gets up and goes into the other room to work on her computer.

I continue working. A few moments later I hear something knocking. Not consistently, but every now and again. The winds are blowing outside so I’m thinking a tree branch or something might be banging against the house.

I get up to go outside to look. The wind is still blowing but no signs of any tree branches banging against the house. I walk around the house looking for possible causes of the noise. Looking up I see one of the second story windows is cracked open a few inches.

I go inside and head upstairs to close the window. The window just so happens to be in the room where the door doesn’t quite close properly. As I get to the room, the wind blows and the door bangs lightly against the frame. Change in air pressure in the room. Problem solved.

I closed the window and closed the bedroom door as well as it would close.

I let the wife know that I figured out the problem.

I get a kiss for my troubles. I’ll take it.

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