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Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of ….

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Well, the time has come to face the fact that the wife and I are getting closer to the day we shuffle off this mortal coil. Each day we’re closer to the grave than the cradle.

As such, I have now dived into the wonderful and exciting world of … estate planning.

We both have wills, but I figure that I really need to better understand the whole end-of-life legal process. I may not get to the point that I could argue a case in a court of law, but I should know more about the subject than I do.

So I started reading up on things today. I’m having more fun than anyone ought to be allowed to have going over stuff on wills, trusts, estate taxes, probate, power of attorney and living wills.

If nothing else, I’m hoping to find out what happens to my published works after I’m gone. I’m conceited enough to think that my work will have a sizeable audience that may want to continue to read my stuff, or turn it into movies, or TV shows, or graphic novels, or some medium that hasn’t been invented yet. Copyright currently covers my work for 70 years after I die. But who owns that copyright when I’m gone?

Anyway, I’m looking into these things and hoping to not fall asleep too much going through the book on the subject.

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