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eBay isn’t for the weak

I’ve put more things we are getting rid of on eBay today. You can sell almost anything on eBay, but when it will sell is a whole ‘nother ball of wax. It might take a day or several years to sell an item. It is definitely a long-term endeavor. If you’re looking to make a quick fortune there, you probably want to try something else.

Just listing something on eBay takes effort. You want to try and put as much information about the item on the listing as possible. And you want a good description that clearly states what you are selling, and especially any flaws of the item. People on eBay are very particular about the items they are bidding on / buying and want items in the best possible condition. If you misrepresent an item, or if they think you have misrepresented an item, they’ll tear you apart (virtually, although I’m sure if some of them could get there hands on you it’d be physically too).

No matter how many pieces of information you put on the listing, it seems like eBay ‘requires’ five or six more. I don’t always have the information they want, which probably hurts my listings within their algorithms somehow. I just do the best I can, try to get good pictures of whatever I’m selling, and then sit back and wait, hoping someone out there might want what I have to offer.

You never can tell what will sell. I’ve put odd things on eBay (like a toy nun that waddles and spits sparks out of its mouth after you wind it up) that I figure would never sell in a million years, but they still sell. Other things (like popular TV series on DVD) that I figure would sell fairly quickly don’t even get any views.

I suppose if there were some way to figure out what the market wants when selling shtuff on eBay it’d make the process easier, but there’s no way to get that information. Hmmmm. Sounds like a potential app to create and sell. No, I’ve got too much other stuff to do, but if someone out there wants a million dollar idea, here it is. Just let me know when you build it so I can use it.

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1 thought on “eBay isn’t for the weak”

  1. Oh, anything will sell. Someone once auctioned off an ass-kicking (yes really).

    Not at all surprising the Attack Nun sold, that’s exactly the sort of weird someone might look for and never find otherwise (and now I want one!) I once found a rarest-of-the-rare book for the princely sum of $25, by the sheer chance of looking while it was listed. Not the only such find.

    Buy It Now is helpful, as is being responsive with an offer if someone “watches” the item (pretty sure this can be automated). If it’s auction-only, I usually pass. 25 years of eBay has taught me auctions are rarely worth it.

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