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Doggy door search

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Our dogs get into a cycle where one goes outside, and three minutes later another wants to go out, and the first one comes in. Then three minutes later, the third one goes out and the second one comes in. It just keeps going on all day long. I want them to just pick a side of the door and stay on it.

We need a doggy door. The problem comes that we have the door to the house and we also have a storm door. I’ve been looking online for storm doors with built-in doggy doors but no luck so far.

I suppose we could go through the wall on the house. There is about 8 inches from the inside wall to the outdoor wall. It would certainly be doable to cut through that and install a doggy door but it would involve rearranging some furniture and things to make the room.

If anyone has a line on where I can find a storm door with a built-in doggy door, let me know. Just leave a comment with the info, and a link to where I can find it online.

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