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Sirocco cornered something under the shed

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We were just sitting down to watch Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom when I heard the dogs barking in the backyard. They kept going but the barking got more intense. I figured I’d best go check what was going on.

I go back in the yard and Houdini is barking his fool head off, Major Tom is by the shed, barking his fool head off, and Sirocco was nowhere to be seen but I could hear him barking his fool head off, and his was the most aggressive bark.

I wrangled Houdini inside, then went back to get Major Tom. He was still busy by the shed but I finally got his attention and got him to go inside too.

I went back to the shed. I walked around it and could hear Sirocco barking but couldn’t find him. When I got to the back I could see the wood near the bottom had parted and there was space big enough for Sirocco to get under the shed. I got down there and using the light on my phone looked underneath.

There he was, at the farther end near the front, barking and snapping at something. I couldn’t do anything to get his attention.

I went back around to the front and tried looking underneath. I could see something furry wedged near the crack between the ground and the bottom of the shed. It looked like rabbit fur. Great, Sirocco cornered a rabbit under there.

I went back to the rear of the shed. I got Sirocco’s attention but nothing would get him out from under there. I got a treat (not that he deserved one) and waved it so he could see it. No luck.

I got an idea and went inside the shed. I stomped on the floor right above where Sirocco was laying. It worked. He came out from under the shed. Picked him up and put him in the house.

I went back to the shed and verified that yes, it was a rabbit. I could see the little nose wriggling near the bottom of the corner. I made sure there was enough rom for the rabbit to escape and came inside. I went out about an hour later and could find no sign of the rabbit so I guess it managed to escape.

You’ll have to try again another day to get the rabbit, Tiny Warrior.

By the way, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was not as good as the first one.

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