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An appreciation of modern technology

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During all the packing and boxing and things, I found one of my old laptops.

I decided to crank it up and see what was on it. It turns out the laptop was my main workhorse machine back in the early 2000s. I used it for everything – programming, some graphics work, reading ebooks, surfing the web ….

The thing runs Windows 7. I figured I should backup the files from it. I got a 64 gigabyte thumb drive and plugged it into a USB slot. I started copying files over.

It took a little under three hours to copy about 45 gigabytes of data. Hokey smokes!

It took a couple of minutes to copy all that over to my current laptop. What a difference a decade or two makes. It certainly made me appreciate the speed of the modern computer. I wonder how much faster computers and Internet speeds will be in the future.

I bet if I went back to 1994 or so, when I was using Windows 3.0 and had a 56K dialup modem I’d probably think it was unbearably slow.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the old laptop. More than likely I’ll turn it into a Linux laptop. It should do fine for some programming projects I would like to do.

Appreciate the little things, my Hordeling.

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