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I met King Hubert first

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When I first started writing Arthur Mace, Medieval Gumshoe I didn’t have a clue about him. Even though he is the main character and protagonist, he didn’t exist as part of my first concept for the story.

The first character I met was King Hubert. He was a pleasant fellow, not very confrontational, and even though he doesn’t appear to be a good leader, he does a pretty good job of running The Kingdom.

Next came Queen Lydia. In contrast, she was stubborn, demanding and headstrong. Pretty much the opposite of Hubert. She’s more Queen of Hearts from Wonderland than anything. The Queen is always scheming to get her way, and even though Hubert might seem to be always distracted, he does know what is going on and steers The Kingdom as he sees fit.

I figured the two of them fit together and complimented each other. They do love each other, even though it may not always seem like it. No matter what frustrations happen during the day, they stand united at the end of the day.

When the two of them showed up, I imagined that the Queen was ranting about some action she wanted taken and the King was to make a proclamation making it a law. Hubert made the proclamation but not the way Lydia wanted it done, instead making it the way he wanted things done. She ranted some more but Hubert said it was now a law and he couldn’t just change it on a whim. He promised to try and do better next time.

So, that was my first introduction to The Kingdom, King Hubert and Queen Lydia. From there things just kinda grew and turned into Arthur Mace’s first adventure.

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